How Boldcashers works.

Financial technology & social networking.

How it works

Boldcashers is a Payment Service Provider, Financial Technology, Electronic Marketing Company,that connects everyone who is bold in life to make a change their current lives. Boldcashers Supports M-Pesa, MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda, MTN Rwanda and Bank Visa/Master Card transactions.


Subscribe as a member and you qualify to buy Bills at 10% Discount and send Money at a 60% discount. In the same compesation plan you will access sending Money to any network cheaply at a reduced cost and this is a life time compesation unless there are a few changes in the economy.

The Membership fee.

75,000 UGX , 1,550 KES and 20,000 RWF you get Access to your referral link which you can share with your network.

Payment options.

Boldcashers enables you to pay or deposit money from the Bank by using Bank Visa Card/ Master card or you have an option of paying from the bank and this process is purely instant. You can also Pay using your Bold Cash Wallet and activate your Account. Boldcashers supports wallet to wallet transfers at the lowest cost in the whole world. Available Payment options. 1. Bank Visa/Master Card 2. Mobile Money 3. Bold Cash Wallet.

Account Activation

When you confirm payment on your mobile phone, go to your dashboard under activate account link and click activate button.


Adaptive form of Working. When you pay a Membership fee, you become a sponsor and you qualify for life time Bills payments- UMEME, YAKA and other bills that shall be determined by the Company. A 60% Discount is a life time Plan for every member that subscribes to Boldcashers. This is restricted only to Ugandans.

Different directions.

The commission is credited to the balance of the wallet and is used to for other products and services as you may wish. This is a unique system that can shape anyone's life. Send Money at Low prices as a member.

Grow your business with Boldcashers.

The easiest way to make and accept payments and collections anywhere in East Africa.

Business API for payments and collections

Developers use our API for payments and collections. contact us on

Digital Advertising.

Connect to CashChat. For our digital Advertising benefits. contact us on

Safety and security guaranteed.

At Boldcashers, we take security seriously so every payment made on our platform is 100% secure.

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